How to Be Productive With No Mood to Work

Are you having one of those days when a bad mood is just not letting you work? Perhaps you’re back from a long vacation and have just no mood to work. Whatever your reason may be, the time you are wasting will not come back.

It is possible to be productive even when your mood won’t allow it. All you have to do is practice a few rituals to bring your mind back into the work zone. Read ahead as we discuss how you can be productive when you are just not up for work.

Steps to Be Productive When You are in No Mood to Work

Here are a few steps you can take to begin working and being productive. Some of them are instant fixes, and others are rituals that you cultivate over time.

1. Pick a Starter Task

Many people define this as a starting problem. You only have to get started to let your productivity flow. This is a long-term ritual as opposed to a quick fix. Pick a task that you know you are good at to begin your workday with.

The task may take as little as 10 minutes. Finishing this task gives you a sense of control over your work and time. Hence, you will feel accomplished and will be driven to tackle the next task for the day.

You can do this at the beginning of work or even after each break. It may be as simple as decluttering your desk. Perhaps you prefer cleaning up your mailbox so that it is tidy and organized. Over time, this will be an indicator to your mind that you are ready for work.

2. Publicize Your Working Time

Can’t find the motivation to work? Sometimes you need external motivators to get you on the right path. Use your Twitter handle or any social media to indicate to your friends that you are working.

Give the designated time an air of importance by updating your status as ‘busy’ or ‘unavailable.’ When you do this, it is time to put some boundaries in place for yourself as well.

Stop checking your emails, social media, or even your phone once you have decided on a time for work. Stop responding to any emails, as these often work as distracting tactics. Instead, focus on the task at hand, and get going.

3. Use Sound to Motivate You to Work

Music is known to uplift the mood, and you can use the sound to bring you back into the mood to work. The music that will motivate you depends on your environment and preferences. If quick beats get your mind going, listen to them during work time.

If you prefer ambient music that calms your work anxiety down, opt for this instead. There is a type of music for each temperament, and you can pick one that suits yours. One of the most recommended music for productivity is western classical music, but that may not match you as an individual. Go with what works for you instead of what works for someone else.

4. Set a Timer

There is nothing like a timer to help you start getting productive. If you are in no mood to work, a timer gives you the security that you only have to work for a given period of time. It works very well, especially if you have a task at hand that you do not like.

In this case, you can set a 5-minute work duration and a 1-minute break. You can work looking forward to the gap. It is better to get something done in the given duration than get no work done at all.

Once you get started, you may find yourself continuing to work even after the work duration is exhausted. For more time-intensive tasks, you can set a work duration of 60 minutes with a break of 10 minutes or so.

5. Get Rid of Distractions

When the mind is all over the place, you tend to find any excuse to get away from the larger task at hand. Recognizing this is important to get productive right away. You may have noticed that you are most tempted to clean your room when you a gigantic assignment coming up.

You will have to convince yourself that cleaning your room is not the priority. Neither is watching the movie or show you have been putting off for so long. Your current priority is to get to the task at hand.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between being busy and being productive. Here is a simple method to get you out of procrastinating. Take a breath and ask yourself what the consequences of putting off this task are.

Visualize them and get working immediately.

6. Put Tasks You Don’t Like First

If your mood won’t let you work, it is most likely because you don’t like the task at hand. It is not easy to get yourself interested in a task. If you inherently don’t enjoy something, there is nothing you can do about it.

Instead, make this task the first one on your list. Once you perform your starter task, get to the task you dislike. Make a rule that you will not be able to work on any other task if you don’t finish this one.

On your to-do list, you can schedule the task or activity you like right after the one you dislike. Approach it like a game, and finish the task you dislike to get to others.

7. Move Your Mind in a Confident Direction

Confidence is key to finishing any task. You have to believe that you have the capability to do it. You may be putting off an activity simply because you believe that you are not capable enough to get it done.

You may even have dreamed of this task for a long time, but now you are simply scared. Instead of procrastinating, begin the task. You will be putting all your talents and capabilities into achieving the task at hand.

Don’t concentrate on the failure and what may go wrong if you do the task. Pay attention to the positive parts of this task and how your talent can only contribute to it. You can also get creative with it and take it as an opportunity to explore your talents.

In short, have faith in your ability to get it done, and then prove to yourself that having this faith was the correct thing to do.

Ending Notes

If you don’t find yourself in the mood to work, use the steps above to get started. Keep at it, and don’t give up. You will reach a point in your work where you will naturally be driven to complete it. Once you are at that point, it is easy to be productive.

Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Zenicate