Proven Strategies: How to Focus Better When Reading

Do you find yourself re-reading a sentence over and over just because you lost your focus? Even if reading is among your most-liked hobbies, you may face trouble maintaining your concentration while doing so. If you wonder why it happens and how to focus better when reading, we’ve got you covered.

Why Do You Lose Focus While Reading?

Irrespective of whether you are a student who has trouble centering your focus or an ex-avid reader, this problem is inevitable for so many people. Still, why do you lose focus while reading?

With the increasing dependence on technology for virtually everything, you may not want to make that extra effort to read. And why would you, if the required information is just a few clicks away. More so, if you can hear or watch it—audio and visuals are way more attention-grabbing than text.

Another reason why you may be losing focus while reading is if you do not like what you read. Additionally, it may be due to an inappropriate environment, mindset, and so much more.

Want to gain distraction-free focus while reading? Here are 6 proven strategies to help you get your focus right.

How to Focus Better When Reading?

Whether reading is your long-lost love or you are a novice at it, building focus is not all that challenging. You just need to set a few things right and maintain consistency. Not convincing enough? Here are the 6 proven strategies for your question, how to focus better when reading.

1. Clear Your Mind

The first thing that you need to make right is your state of mind. Your brain is the root cause of diversion, and if you have it clear, you can knock off your goals effortlessly.

One way of having a calm yet alert mindset is meditation. You need not meditate too deeply if it does not interest you, but do so at least for 5-10 minutes daily. Alternatively, you can also resort to performing yoga to build that concentration.

Another proven way is by sweating it out by hitting the gym or going for a short run every morning. Physical health can significantly influence your mental state.

2. Set the Right Environment

Believe it or not, but the appropriate environment can do wonders for your reading focus. Even if you sit in a peaceful café, you can get distracted by the ongoings of the crowd. Watching people do their thing is quite fascinating.

If you want to focus better on reading instead of putting it off until later, try to sit in an empty room or a location with minimal activity. Also, if possible, choose an open area for reading as fresh air will certainly help you focus.

3. Play Some Soothing Music

Do you ever wonder how people put their headphones on and get lost in their book? Well, music is an excellent way of building concentration. For some, it may be loud beats, but most individuals love tranquil, non-lyrical music while reading.

It does the job of killing away any background sounds without distracting you with the lyrics. The soft background music also helps you study with concentration.

4. Make It Interesting (if it bores you)

If a text seems boring, you will never be able to build focus until you have something to hold on to. You can do so by using the very purpose of your reading as a motivation. That is, think about the result you will get from it, and use it as a motivating factor.

Another way can be by making the activity enjoyable. Set some treats or rewards for yourself that you can access after you complete the read. Incentives are downright the most effective enthusiasm-driving factors.

5. Focus Building Techniques

Even if setting your mind and surroundings does not work, you can get down to following some basic yet constructive techniques.

  • Use a colored highlighter or pen to mark the significant points.
  • Jot down notes that can help you retain the essential facts and ideas.
  • Get a pointer to guide your eyes as you read.
  • Write a summary of what you have learned on that particular day.

These are a few of the numerous simple techniques that can help you build focus while reading seamlessly. They do not require much effort but prove to be significantly useful.

6. Chuck Away the Distractions

From your cell phone notifications to the video games or the people around—distractions are everywhere. The most unfortunate part is that even if you have one of them around that you aren’t engaging with, focusing on your text can be extremely difficult because the temptation is there.

You may take a few minutes to pause and check your phone but end up scrolling through all your friends’ updates. The only solution to this is getting rid of them before you sit to read. Keep the phone out of your sight and reach, lock the playing setup in your drawer, sit in an empty area.

Find out what is distracting you, and get rid of it at least during your reading sessions!

Final Words

You may find it challenging to maintain focus if it does not interest you or if you have unavoidable distractions. The positive side is, you can actually avoid those distractions and get yourself to read with focus.

So, how to focus better when reading? Set your mind and environment right, and follow some classic focus-building techniques. Lastly, ensure consistency in what you do. No one can build or regain focus within a day or two.

Read every day, even if little, and you will find yourself getting on the track within no time!

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