Proven Examples Of Self Discipline In The Workplace

Self-discipline is an important trait to have. It helps you attain your goals in professional and personal fields. It also allows you to find the strength to overcome difficulties and helps you stay motivated. Self-discipline gives you the ability to focus and carry on a task without distractions.

Examples of How to Develop Self-Discipline In The Workplace

Wondering how to attain self-discipline in the workplace? Here are some proven ways to help you get there:

1. Adequate Breaks

One of the key elements to maintaining focus is well-rested minded. A mind that is tired or overworked will not work efficiently. If you want to be self-disciplined, taking frequent breaks will help you.

Furthermore, all practical examples of self-discipline in the workplace are those of people who manage their time and take frequent breaks.

There are times when certain tasks may make you feel exhausted or tired, which is why resting your mind before you can concentrate on your work again will help you.

A study from the Institute of Movement and Neuroscience and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Dresden in Germany found the following as well:

Work breaks are an important measure to offer employees time to immediately recover from work-related consequences of strain after high work demands and, in turn, to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, their performance, and workplace safety. (Source)

In short, it’s absolutely critical to have the right amount of stress and recovery if you want to have the discipline to be a good performer in the workplace.

2. Reducing Your Workload

You should consider reducing your workload as well.

Taking up too much work or keeping busy because you have too much work would lead to you burning out. In order to keep your mind fresh enough to make key decisions and to practice self-discipline, you’d need some mental space and rest. 

Delegating some work and taking the time to finish your work would lead to better self-discipline since your willpower will be stretched less thin.

Getting Rid Of Distractions And Temptations

One of the biggest hindrances to self-discipline at work are distractions. You could find yourself distracted by your phone, your colleagues, or anything that is on your desk. Creating an environment that is work-friendly takes time and effort.

To practice self-discipline at work, you should remember to take all the steps necessary to keep distractions away. Furthermore, making use of tools and sitting away from your friends to focus on your work can prove useful.

3. Making Decisions Beforehand

Another way to practice self-discipline is to make decisions for yourself beforehand. Instead of waiting for the last moment to find your answers, consider the best outcome of a situation beforehand and decide what you’d want to do.

Doing so would help you to become more attentive to your environment and will help you enhance your decision-making skills. Note that this goes hand in hand with visualization skills as well.

4. Keeping Your Health In Check

Most people find that self-discipline is a one-thing kind of thing, which is why they do not consider making changes to other areas of life. If you want to create a mindset of self-disciple for work, you’d need to maintain your health, eat properly, and keep your mind healthy.

Other Tips For Attaining Self-Discipline At Work More Easily

If you look carefully, you will find examples of self-discipline in the workplace around you. To become like the people you admire and look up to, you may need some help. One way is get this help is to simply observe or ask others about how they maintain their own discipline with their work.

Here are some of the things you’re likely to find that others do:

  • Practicing self-care both at home and in the work place
  • Regular meditation, preferably at a set time each day
  • Setting reasonable goals that are within grasp
  • Taking the time to visualize working toward and meeting those goals

Self-discipline is something that requires training, just like any other muscle of your body. Here are some tips and advice to help you attain self-discipline at work.

Practice Self-Care

Most people forget that self-discipline is attained after caring for yourself. To enjoy yourself and to be disciplined at the same time, you should come up with a way to get there slowly. Remember to gauge your pace and take one step at a time instead of trying to force yourself to do more than you’re capable of.


Meditation helps you find your center. It also helps you find direction in life. Meditating to attain self-discipline will help you to concentrate on your tasks and help you to get there faster.

Set Accomplishable Goals

Remember to set goals that can be attained easily. Creating small and attainable goals for every day will help you find your pace.

Furthermore, starting your day by accomplishing some small tasks will help you stay motivated as well. Additionally, this will also help you to attain bigger and more complex tasks in the future.

Visualizing Your Goals

Another thing that helps in creating a self-disciplined attitude is a visualization of goals. After you set your goals, imagine what it would feel like to attain them and how you would attain them.

Wrapping Up

With that said, finding self-discipline is not as difficult as others make it sound. However, once you understand the concept, you will probably realize how simple it is.

Creating a self-disciplined attitude in your workplace is something that you can achieve with a bit of effort. Furthermore, if you find that you cannot do it alone, you can simply ask your friends and colleagues for help.

From cleaning the space around you to your work environment, self-discipline at work is easy and simple. Maintaining a good and healthy balance of work and life would help you to attain what you need and set out to.

Last Updated on January 16, 2021 by Zenicate