Learn How to Increase Motivation to Study Quickly

Do you have a test coming up soon? Perhaps you have an assignment with a deadline that is inching closer. Despite the little time that you have, getting motivated to study may prove difficult.

Your social life may be packed, and you may not be excited about using your free time to study. However, gathering the drive to study is not as difficult as you think. Read ahead as we give you a few ideas on how to increase motivation to study below.

Tips on How to Increase Motivation to Study

Here are our tips to get you motivated to study and make the best of your time. You can try all of these, or you can mix and match the ones that seem to apply the most to you.

Put Together the Ideal Study Space

Your environment is the key to put you into the state of mind that allows you to study and get productive.

Identify a space where you can study, and stick to it.

A clean and neat space will be free from any distractions and will keep your mind focused.

Hence, you should take the time to organize your space. If you have a deadline coming, take five minutes out to put things in order the best you can. Declutter the space, and it will be the first step in decluttering your mind.

Acknowledge Your Reluctance to Study

If you keep making excuses for why you cannot study, you won’t be able to get to it. Instead, acknowledge that you don’t feel like studying at the moment. It may also have been a long time since you have seriously gotten down to get some studying done.

Many people choose to write and journal their thoughts as it gives them clarity. Once you pen down your current state of mind, you can work on pushing yourself into study mode.

Set Important Goals

If there is nothing inherently motivating you to get studying, pick external motivators. You can do this by setting goals for your study. Ask yourself why you need to be studying. It may be as simple as getting good grades and taking a step closer to your dreams in life.

You will have to set short-term goals and figure out how they fit into the bigger picture you have for your life. Make sure that your goals are realistic. You may also want to make them challenging enough so that they can help you grow.

Now that you have your goals down, put them up where you can clearly see them. They will motivate you to study now and will keep you going in the future as well. You can also make this physical reminder fun and let your creative juices flow.

Stick to a Schedule

To keep yourself from procrastinating, set a schedule to direct your study time. If the goal is to study quickly, make a time frame, and organize the tasks you have to complete within it. For instance, you may have to finish reading a paper for your next class.

Divide this into short time intervals and ensure that you include breaks as well. These will keep you feeling refreshed and not being too hard on yourself. You can go ahead and extend this schedule to keep your studying organized in the long-run as well.

It is important to help keep you from procrastinating. It will help you finish your tasks well before the deadline the next time.

Create a Playlist

Have you noticed that a good playlist is all you need to keep you motivated in the gym? Yes, you can apply the same trick while you study as well. Take a few minutes out to figure out the kind of music that keeps you motivated.

Some people prefer upbeat songs, and others love mellow music. Whatever your jam, play it as you study, and it will instantly leave you motivated to achieve your goals. In this case, it will get you motivated enough to study quickly.

Get Started!

All of the preparations you make to get yourself studying will mean nothing unless you get down to the actual task. You may have created the right atmosphere and put down a schedule. You may also be playing the best music you can get your hands on.

Instead of looking for other areas to sort before you begin, start studying now! Get to it, and the rest will flow. You can begin by telling yourself that you will study without a break for 10 minutes at first.

Stick to this, and you will find yourself continuing to study.

Give Yourself Rewards

Have you just finished reading half of the paper that you were not motivated to tackle earlier? It is time to give yourself a pat on the back and a reward. Here are some ideas for rewards:

  • A piece of candy
  • Timing a period of playing a video game
  • Spending some time on social media
  • Putting some amount of savings toward something you want to buy

Keep smaller rewards for little progress and bigger ones for when you tick an item off your list. It keeps you motivated to go on and study quickly. If you are stuck with creative ideas for rewards, you can make it as simple as a study break.

For every 60 minutes of studying, give yourself a 10-minute break as a reward.

Gather Future Motivation

This won’t be the only time you need to feel motivated to study quickly and efficiently. You should have tips and tricks up your sleeve that will keep you sorted for the next time as well. You can keep a study journal for this reason.

Each time you successfully complete a studying task, write down just how you felt after that. Let the positivity stand out in what you write. The next time you need the motivation to study, you will have a journal ready to help you through.


If you still have trouble studying, get on a quick call with a friend who is in a similar situation. Set goals together, and get studying. If you can’t approach another studying friend, speak to anyone you trust.

Tell them about your study goals and just how you plan on achieving them. This should keep you motivated to stick to your word.


Getting motivated to study can be a hard task when there are so many other activities fighting for your attention. By using the tips above, you will know how to increase motivation to study quickly.

Get your stationery and devices out, and simply begin. You can save precious time you would otherwise spend procrastinating by just doing this. Further, a reward system will allow you to keep your spirits up and your studying continuous as well.

Last Updated on January 28, 2021 by Zenicate