Fixing Yourself with Hypnosis for Procrastination

You may go into a procrastinating mode if you do not like a particular task or find it tedious. It is a common problem in all parts of life. However, the good news is you can do hypnosis for procrastination to get the problem under control.

Does it sound mysterious? Well, hypnosis is a relatively simple process compared to what most people think. It simply gives you affirmations by activating your unconscious mind. If you conduct self-hypnosis, you just need to feed some positive thoughts to your subconscious.

Does it sound interesting? It will seem even more effective once you work at it. In this article, you will learn all about how hypnosis can help you beat procrastination. Before going ahead, however, you must understand why you procrastinate.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

What is procrastination, and why do you do it? It is a state of mind where you tend to delay tasks for later. Procrastination is not a habit; it is an emotional state that you may develop due to varying reasons. It is more like wasting your time and slowing down your productivity.

Here are a few reasons behind procrastination.

  • Fear:You may be afraid of failing or lagging in a task. That is why your brain may find distractions and stop you from even starting.
  • Anxiety:Some activities can be so overwhelming that you just do not seem to find the courage to begin. It may be so complicated that it makes you anxious. As a result, you opt to stay in your comfort zone and avoid it altogether.
  • Excessive load:You may have so much work to hand in that you spend the entire time deciding what you must do. Alternatively, you may do a little of everything instead of prioritizing the significant tasks that need to be done first.
  • Lack of interest:One possibility is that you do not find the task interesting enough to even get to it. Resultantly, you just resort to distractions like scrolling through social media, etc.

Does Hypnosis Help Stop Procrastination?

Now that you know the reasons, you may wonder if hypnosis can help treat procrastination. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a process that can help you guide your subconscious. It puts your conscious to sleep and directly talks to the unconscious part of your mind.

Hypnotherapy can make you believe from within that you can get over the obstacles and find your way. So yes, hypnosis does help stop procrastination as it can guide your mind to the right path. How does it work?

Through hypnosis, you can reprogram your mind and feed positive thoughts to it. Your mind reaches such a stage that your subconscious mind actively receives information and retains it for good. Thus, you can get yourself to believe that you can beat the reasons that make you procrastinate.

How to Adopt Hypnosis for Procrastination?

Now that you have the basic know-how of how hypnosis works, let’s get to the actual process. Here are a few steps to use hypnosis for procrastination.

Identify Your Reason for Procrastination

As mentioned earlier, there may be varying reasons as to why you procrastinate. Additionally, you may have more than one reason for the same. Therefore, the very first step is to identify those reasons.
Here is a list of the negative reasons, along with ways to beat them.

  • Perfection: Perfectionism is good but only until you do not let it get to you. If you believe that you are not doing a particular task well enough, you will perform it repeatedly. As a result, you will get to a point where your brain just tells you to quit because it seems pointless since you can’t get the result to be as good as you think it has to be.
  • Lack of Confidence: If you lack faith in yourself, you cannot proceed with the work. You may think that you cannot do the job due to a lack of capabilities. That is why your mind might just get you to think of not even trying.
  • Enthusiasm and Energy:These two issues are individual yet somewhat connected. You may lack the energy or active mindset to take up a job due to an unhealthy lifestyle, habits, etc. Alternatively, you are just not enthusiastic enough for the job, so you do not gather the energy required.

Find Solutions

  • Perfection: The best way to get past this issue is by supporting yourself. You need to convince your mind that you are performing well, and once you give your best, it is enough. Praise yourself time and again with words of reassurance!
  • Lack of Confidence: You can only get your work done if you try. Even if you are not successful, you will learn something in the process. That is the kind of positive approach you must carry to gain confidence in yourself. Get yourself to thinking that you can do anything if you try to get past this problem.
  • Enthusiasm and Energy: You will work best if you love what you do. Even if you do not like a particular job, you must gather enthusiasm and motivation within yourself. Remind yourself about the significance of the task and how it can reward you. Doing this will also help you get the energy required.

Conduct Hypnosis

Whether your reasons fall in the mentioned list or not, you must identify and find solutions to overcome them. Once you have the medicine, you can get to applying.

  • Self-Hypnosis: You can conduct self-hypnosis to beat procrastination by the traditional method. Get a script to take your mind to a state of deep relaxation, and start positive affirmation thoughts. You just need a script, a quiet place, and a few positive words.
  • Download Recordings: Another easy way to beat procrastination is by downloading hypnosis recordings. It will mimic the process of conducting hypnosis with an actual person. The recorded voice will take you to a trance-like state and start the therapy. A number of phone apps for productivity can offer this as well.
  • Visit a Hypnotherapist: The best way is, of course, visiting a professional therapist. Make sure to describe all your feelings and reasons behind procrastination, and the professionals will do their job.

Summing Up

There you have it—you can fix yourself with hypnosis for procrastination! You just need to identify the root cause and can consider half of your work done. Talking yourself out of procrastination is one of the most effective ways as you know yourself inside out!

So, conduct hypnosis to beat procrastination, and watch yourself thrive and excel in everything you do!

Last Updated on January 18, 2021 by Zenicate