Build Self Motivation Skills the Smart Way

If you find yourself in a low period of your life, you cannot simply call upon self-motivation to get you through. Instead, it is something that needs to be built and worked upon. To build self motivation skills the smart way, you will have to make an effort every day.

When you work on these skills, self-motivation will come to you naturally. You will have the right attitude towards each problem and build on your motivation over time as well. Read ahead as we discuss how you can build this type of lasting self-motivation.

Tips to Build Self Motivation the Smart Way

Here are a few tips to get you started on incorporating daily habits to build your self-motivation tactics.

Take Small Steps

When building self motivation, you will have to begin slow. Take small steps as it is an intangible skill that has to be trained a little bit at a time. Start by taking small steps every day that will help you build self-motivation in the long run.

It is the smart way to go about this as well. For instance, you may have a goal of reading a book. When you start small, you will try to read 10 to 15 pages every day. Soon, you will have finished the entire book.

It puts a lesser burden on you to achieve anything. Over time, you would have formed a complete habit because of the small steps you have taken.

Don’t Stop Learning

To be motivated to begin any new project, you will first have to ensure that you have enough knowledge and exposure. This is important in pushing you to explore all of your talents. It will cultivate a mindset where you won’t be afraid to start new things.

Boredom is something that absolutely kills self motivation. Learning new things on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to keep boredom away.

To develop a learning habit, begin by reading. Read every day, and think about everything you learn. Your brain is one of the most important components that keep you motivated. By being curious and learning every day, you will be able to keep your brain strong.

Hence, constant learning will teach you to improve your interpersonal skills and increase confidence. It will also sharpen your mind and enhance the career opportunities you have. It is a skill that will keep you motivated and going during difficult times as well.

The Company You Keep Matters

Motivated people are likely to motivate you, as well. Does this mean that you should leave them a message only when you are in need? Instead, it is best to maintain regular communication with them.

It will keep your mind awake and ideas flowing. It could be as simple as striking a conversation with a friend you can think deeply with. When tough times come, these are the people who will help you see the positive side of circumstances.

They will also lead you towards the many opportunities available to you. Along with this, you can also go ahead and avoid any negative people. They can drain your energy and damage your credibility as well.

Think Positive

Now that you started avoiding negative company, you can’t be your own enemy. You will have to start thinking positively and have an optimistic outlook on your life. You can begin by taking responsibility for your actions.

Do not play the victim when things go wrong in your life. By accepting responsibility and being accountable, you will be able to learn from your past. Any mistakes will simply become building blocks towards a larger life.

In addition to this, you can begin to volunteer as well. By sharing in other people’s difficult experiences, you will be able to gain perspective. It will help you keep up your positive thinking.

Stop Worrying

When you find yourself lacking motivation for an important project, it is often because of excessive worries. Put your worries away for a little bit and focus on something entirely different. In this way, you won’t be wasting your time and will get productive.

Bring this productive energy back into the difficult project. Begin small, and don’t let the worrying disrupt your flow. One effective way to stop worrying is to simply be mindful. Take note of the present moment and stop thinking about the future.

  • Remember that worrying about things takes away a lot of mental energy.
  • With less mental energy, you will have less of a chance of being motivated.
  • Put that energy where it’s best used instead of wasting it on worrying.

You can also challenge continuous worrying by simply taking a break and breathing in. Breathe deeply, and convert the shallow breathing due to worrying to deep breaths. You will feel more relaxed and motivated, as well.

Mark Down Your Mood

Our mood affects a lot of who we are and how we think. Keep track of your mood and markdown any triumphant moments. Take note of moments when you are low and sulking. Which moods do you feel most motivated in, and what behaviors do you exhibit then?

If you often have trouble over keeping self-motivated, it is recommended that you keep a journal about it. Mark down your moods and note down moments when you feel especially motivated. It will help you retrace and find your triggers for a better mood.

You can begin by correlating events with moods. Some events may make you feel more motivated than others. For instance, a conversation with your friend may lighten up your mood each time. When you need motivation, call the friend, and get motivated.

Share Your Ideas

We have discussed that being around motivated people can get you going as well. It does not mean that you have to change your whole set of friends. Instead, share your ideas with them, and help them stay motivated as well.

You will be surprised at how many people need that initial motivation to get started on their goals. By taking this step, you will surround yourself with people who will care about your ideas and check on them often. It is often enough to keep you working.

You can also do this by starting a blog in place of a journal. Share your ideas and your progress there. You will have like-minded people learn from you and guide you.

Ending Notes

Getting started is the first nudge to build self motivation skills the smart way. Get to know yourself and your friend circle. Get rid of any negative energy and stay in constant search of positive company to keep your creative juices going.

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Zenicate