A Complete Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating Studying

Do you often find yourself procrastinating instead of finishing your school work? You may often delay your work even though you know you must get it done right away. Do you want to stop doing this? If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating studying, you are in the right place!

In this article, you will get 7 full-proof ideas to bid farewell to procrastination for good. However, before beating procrastination, you must first know the reason behind it.

What is Procrastination?

Do you end up completing your 30 minutes homework in 2 hours? When you sit to study, do you instantly remember other chores like grabbing a bite, calling a friend, or others? If you are facing a similar situation, chances are you may be procrastinating while studying.

So, what is procrastination? It is the process of delaying or postponing a task for no good reason. Long story short, you are merely wasting your time when you should be doing your homework.
This brings you to wonder, why do you procrastinate, moreso, while studying?

Why Do You Procrastinate While Studying?

Despite your relentless determination to do well, you cannot help but procrastinate while studying. Do not worry. In this world of electronics and media, getting distracted is only natural. Here are a few reasons why you may often end up procrastinating while studying.

  • To enjoy the present, not caring about the future because, well, it is far away! You value the long-term benefits, but immediate gratification overshadows those benefits.
  • You are not interested in what you are reading or studying. Unpleasant tasks are major motivation-killers!
  • Chances are you are scared that you may not perform well in your exams. Alternatively, you may fear that you will not be able to complete the task in time.
  • Perhaps, you are too overwhelmed that you start procrastinating instead of getting to work.

There may be hundreds of different reasons as to why you procrastinate. In most cases, you are just not emotionally ready. However, this does not indicate there is no solution to this problem.

How to Stop Procrastinating Studying

Procrastinating leads you nowhere except wasting the valuable time that you could have used for something productive. Irrespective of your reason, here are 7 answers for how to stop procrastinating studying.

1. Take Multiple Short Breaks

The human attention span is relatively short, and it only decreases with time. Moreso, if the current activity does not interest you much. Assigning long periods for a task can hamper your attention and greatly reduce your productivity.

If you take multiple short breaks, for example, a 5-minute recess every 25 minutes, you will be determined to finish more. Also, the break will freshen you up just enough to gain back the concentration.

2. Make Your Study Space Cheerful

A dull mood does no good for studying, and your surroundings can significantly influence your emotions. If you have a cheerful study space, you will be excited to get there every day. So, even if you have a boring subject to study, the colorful environment will instantly cheer you up.

Needless to say, a happy you can concentrate better and complete that task sooner than a sad, uninterested you!

3. Jot Down Your Plan

Planning is unquestionably the first key to success, even when it comes to studying. However, you may be thinking that you always plan in your mind but still cannot achieve it. The problem is you need to solidify the plan by writing it down or telling it to someone.

One excellent option is jotting down your study plan on a piece of paper and sticking it near your desk. Doing this will click you back to reality every time you procrastinate while studying.

4. Lock Away the Distractions

Even if you try hard, you may not be able to keep your hands from picking that phone or game. Just one more round or a text, and you will get back to study, you may think. Well, it never really stops at one, does it?

The definite solution to this problem is removing the distraction from your sight. Whether it is an electronic device or your favorite novel, keep it in another room or any other inaccessible place.

5. Give Yourself Achievable Deadlines

Deadlines can drive you to study better than any other motivational factor. So, make sure you set deadlines for all your tasks. However, there are a few factors that you must remember while setting deadlines.

Firstly, make sure they are achievable. You know your studying capacity better than anyone else, so give yourself enough time to finish each task. Second, try to set deadlines for short assignments. They will seem easy to achieve, which can become an excellent motivational factor for you.

6. Follow Your Unique Learning Style

Every student has a distinct way of studying. You may learn best in a quiet room or with your headphones playing loud music. There is no fixed rule for learning. Do it your way, and you will do it best!

And if you don’t know which learning style works best for you, try different things to see what resonates with you the most.

7. Get into Extra-Curricular Activities

One reason why you procrastinate while studying may be physical inactivity. To get your mind running, you need to work out that body first. You need not indulge yourself in any unwanted exercise or gym regimes–just do what you love.

Play your favorite sport, dance, perform yoga, etc. Make sure to work out regularly to keep your mind active and thriving!

Summing Up

If you consider studying an undesirable or uninteresting activity, you may always end up procrastinating. Still, there are multiple ways to give yourself the motivation and the right environment to study. It can be through breaks, rewards, workouts, and a cheerful mood.

Now that you know how to stop procrastinating studying, get out there and watch yourself excel at everything you do!

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